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    insulating glass machinery sale
    date:2018/1/29 16:57:04 author: hits:150

     There are 17 days is the Chinese New Year , Our hollow glass equipment  is on sale now,The price preferential benefit ! Promotion time only remaining 17 days .

    Before the chinese new year ordering hollow glass equipment have surprise discount!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you plan to go next year with insulating glass production line, or have hollow glass on this project next year, and want to update the hollow glass equipment, that grasp this opportunity!!!

    The same high quality product, what are you waiting for?The preferential promotion strength big, miss wait a year...

    Interested please contact us : +86 18005412752     +86 15194132055

    Email: sales@www.kuyki.com    sales@ybkechn.com



    【Next】Hollow glass equipment routine inspection

     Jinan YBKE Machinery Co., Ltd  ICP  No.:魯ICP備19202988      blob.png

     Mr. Xing: +86-15194132055       Ms. Yu : +86-18753150119 

    ybkeglass@163.com   sales@www.kuyki.com 

    No. 5657 West  shiji Road ,Mingshui Economic development zone, Jinan City,China.

    Technical Support:lbj

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