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    How to test hollow glass containing argon gas in it
    date:2018/1/31 18:26:39 author: hits:71

    Up the people environmental protection consciousness, environmental protection and energy saving has become a hot topic,Building energy efficiency and the doors and Windows, and is the main part of the hollow glass window.

    In fact "hollow glass" is not "hollow" , Its sandwich or 8 mm thick interval space must be filled with inert gas argon and krypton ,That how to fill the inert gases, this is must to use the insulating glass gas filling machine, Aerator is all hollow glass processing equipment with the lowest price ,So how to detect whether containing argon gas in hollow glass with what instrument?Now there are two special tests whether containing argon gas in hollow instruments: one is  a simple test whether inside contains inert gas;The other one is the professional hollow glass inert gas detector.

    look the picture:


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